About Us

Knox Cyber Security is one of the UK’s foremost information security consultancies. We specialise in a multi-disciplinary and holistic security management solutions for Cyber Security, HMG Information Assurance and Business Continuity.  We have a demonstrable record of successful certifications and accreditations to date.

Knox Cyber Security is a small and specialist information security consultancy.  Originally formed as Silcox Information Security in 2005 in the beautiful South Wales Valleys by University of Oxford graduate, Paul Silcox.  Paul was joined by Paul Sullivan as partner/director to became Knox Cyber Security.

Knox Cyber Security was one of the first security consultancies to embrace and integrate Agile methodologies into security practices to offer a proportionate and pragmatic security consultancy service to our client-partners.

Our approach is to work in a collaborative manner with our client-partners.  We prefer to co-locate with our client-partners where possible and over many years, we have found this to offer the greatest level of communication, requirements understanding and skills-transfer.

We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to consultancy and are firm believers that to ‘go native’ upon a partner engagement is a positive trait leading to a trusting, strong and collaborative working relationship that is mutually beneficial and rewarding.

All solutions employed are centred around our client- partner requirements and are specifically tailored to their business needs whilst adhering strictly to principles of security economics.

Knox Cyber Security are approved suppliers of cyber security into UK Government, under the scheme governed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Knox Cyber Security are core members of the UK Cyber Security Forum, and the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster.

Knox Cyber Security are members of the UK Cyber Exchange.

Knox Cyber Security are certified to Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, the UK Government cyber assurance scheme, and IASME Gold.

Knox Cyber Security are a Certification Body for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME standard.